Sunday, February 21, 2016

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

How Can a Psychic Help the Elderly?

The elderly are often at risk in our society. Gifted psychics have the power to protect them in a variety of ways, from negating the effects of black magic to strengthening health to bringing luck which leads to better health, increased wealth, et cetera. When an elderly person chooses the services of a reputable psychic with a strong and positive reputation, he or she will be empowered.

Services provided by psychics that do have the power to assist the elderly include spells, amulets and live readings. So, let’s take a look at these three services, with a mind to understanding them better. Some elderly clients of psychics utilize all three services, while others choose just one or two. Everyone is different. Understanding each service will help you to decide which ones are really right for you.

Spells and Spell Casting Services

old-womanSpells are powerful forms of magic. Spells may be white or black magic. It’s always wise to avoid black magic, as it comes from a very dark place. While black magic can be powerful, it is not recommended, as it may lead to bad karma. So, it’s best to focus on finding psychics who work with white magic. This form of magic doesn’t harm others – it’s designed to harness the good spiritual forces in the universe.

Spells may be customized in order to offer a specific form of protection. For example, if an elderly person wants better health or mental acuity, a spell caster will devise a spell which brings this goal to fruition. Other types of spells include spells which negate black magic. If an elderly person feels that black magic spells are playing a negative role in his or her life and luck, a white magic spell may be enough to counteract these dark forces.
There are many different types of spells. They may be used in order to improve money problems, attract wealth or attract friends and loved ones. Some psychics list spells at their websites, along with prices. Others will consult with clients by phone or online chat in order to discuss needs. Then, they will personalize spells for each elderly client.

You won’t need to find a psychic who specializes in helping the elderly. It’s actually more important to find a psychic whose gifts are notable. Checking reviews of spell casters will help you to decide which spell casters offer the most impressive benefits to clients.
Amulets for Spiritual Protection

Many psychics offer amulets to their valued clients. Amulets are objects which repel dark magic and bring better luck. Amulets may be religious symbols or pendants – anything which may be carried along with a person and which is designed to stop black magic and bring luck will work. For example, an “evil eye” pendant may help an elderly person to avoid bad luck, black magic spells and harmful people. Since the elderly are prone to being taken advantage of by con men, this type of amulet may be very beneficial. Pouches of herbs also have the power to unlock white magic benefits.
There are plenty of amulets out there. It’s best to choose amulets which are sold by trusted and gifted psychics. These will be blessed in a more powerful way. Amulets vary in price, appearance and purpose, so there should be something for everyone.

Live Readings from Gifted Psychics

Last but not least, live readings from talented psychics with potent powers will be helpful to the elderly. These readings may happen by phone or online chat. An elderly person may be asked about current concerns and worries. The psychic will focus on the client and utilize his or her powers in order to see what’s happening in the person’s life, in a deep and spiritual way. The psychic will then share his or her impressions and offer spiritual guidance.
Now that you know how psychics help the elderly, why not look for the right psychic today? Services are generally affordable and they offer a host of benefits. Choose one or more services in order to improve your quality of life and get more out of your golden years. Or treat an elderly person that you care about to a live reading, amulet or spell.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Protect Yourself from Black Magic or Experience the Consequences!

Black magic is everywhere. All around us, those who dabble in darkness utilize black magic in order to increase their power. For example, an ex-lover may curse you with black magic spells or practice other rites which are designed to render you powerless. While everyone doesn’t believe in black magic, many of us know that it is out there. We learn to protect ourselves by combating black magic with spiritual assistance from psychics. The right psychic will never use black magic in order to counteract black magic. Instead, he or she will utilize white magic, as well as associations with bright and positive spirits, such as angels.
While psychics who utilize black magic are out there, they are probably best avoided. After all, God surely protects those who stay away from this dark type of magic. So, you’re better off staying in the light by utilizing the services of psychics who don’t dabble in the dark arts.

evilIf you want to protect yourself from black magic, finding a psychic who understands what black magic is and how to shield you from its ill effects will be a wise course of action…

For example, a spell caster who doesn’t use black magic may have the power to counteract any black magic spells which have been cast upon you. This type of spiritual advisor may also give you advice about how to avoid black magic in the future. A good psychic and spiritual advisor should also be able to show you how to shore up your natural defenses against black magic. Most understand how spiritual shields are built and maintained. These spiritual shields are very protective and they allow people to cleanse their auras and to protect their chakras (big energy vortexes in the body).

Meditation may also be a helpful way to keep black magic at bay…

Obtain a Protective Amulet

Amulets are objects which may protect you from black magic. You may carry an amulet along with you in order to keep dark forces away! An amulet of this type is designed to stop black magic from negatively affecting your life. It will also help to protect you from the sorts of evil people who want to harm you, such as enemies or conscienceless predators (sociopaths and narcissists). There are different types of amulets, including religious medallions, symbols with religious meanings, crystals and pouches filled with herbs. It may be possible to purchase effective amulets at the websites of reputable and trusted psychics.

Bathe With Salt and White Magic Herbs

Many people who believe that black magic is adversely affecting their lives will bathe in salt and herbs. The herbs commonly used in this protective, white magic ritual include Hyssop, Mugwort and Basil. A little salt will be enough – too much in the bath may be very drying to the skin, so don’t overdo it.

Perform a Ritual with Sage

White sage has been utilized by North American Indians in order to clear away dark energy. You may buy this herb at stores online – it may also be available right in your own community. By performing a daily smudging ritual with White Sage, you’ll be able to deflect or eliminate black magic. Perform the ritual by taking a bowl and adding a couple of inches of sand to the bottom. This step will protect the bowl when it gets hot. Then, place a couple of white sage leaves on top of the sand and light the edges of this herb plant on fire. Once the leaves are ablaze, blow out the flames and let the smoke waft through the air. The smoke will “smudge” away dark forces.


Hopefully, these tips will make you feel empowered as you prepare to combat black magic. People who are being affected by black magic tend to suffer from anxiety, dark thoughts, bad luck and ill health. If you’ve found that life seems to be worse lately, black magic may be to blame.
Lastly, be aware that your mindset is important. You must believe that you are strong enough to resist black magic. Finding the right psychic will help you to develop this sort of strength and confidence. It’s all about finding the right spiritual guidance and services.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

What is an Overhead Psychic Reading?

For a lot of people that want to have a reading done by a psychic, they are not looking for answers regarding their future. What many are looking for is a way to deal with their past. It might be finally getting closure after the death of a loved one, or asking for a question regarding a situation that took place; But for many these readings are much more of a way to connect to the other side than to find out if they will become rich, or fall in love again.

That is where overhead psychic readings come in to play. These readings are primarily done without tools, relying simply on the connection that the psychic is able to make with the spirit. One thing that a psychic might use is a photograph or photographs of loved ones that you are trying to reach, or even other people that the spirit might have loved.

spiritual-men-walkingOnce in a while, a psychic might use tarot cards or something similar to build upon what is being shared with the spirit. This really depends on the situation, and what is going on, however, tarot cards are not really a part of general overhead psychic readings.

Here is a look at some of the tools and the other kinds of readings that psychics do. As stated above, sometimes the situation might call for the psychic to pull out a tool to continue with what is being shared in a reading, but they are generally used for other reading styles.

Palm Reading

This kind of reading does not generally require a psychic ability, but more an interest in the subject. Using the lines and shapes on a persons hand, one is able to look up what their predicted future will be, in subjects such as, love, finances, and life span.

Distant Readings

These readings can be done without the psychic or client having ever even met. Often these kind of readings are done via phone, email, or even traditional letter mail. These are the kinds of readings that are traditionally associated with the online and telephone money scams. By no means are all psychics who use this form scamming the client, many who have “hotlines” set up for this, charge several dollars per minute, including wait times. These are the sort of readings that should be thought about carefully, especially if going through a “hotline” option.

Aura Readings

Aura readings are the reading and knowledge of the subtle field of light that surrounds everyone individually. Often the colour and shape of one’s aura play larger roles in what they will be told. While these readings do not touch so much on connecting with a person who has passed away, or the specifics of a person’s future, they can focus on more generalizations, such as overall health, or emotional states.

Tarot Cards

Similar to palm reading, this style of reading does not really require any form of psychic ability. Tarot cards are often sold in new age, book, or game stores. Tarot reading is often looked upon as a form of entertainment versus a real psychic reading. That said, psychics do use tarot cards, both on their own, and as ways to compliment or build upon other readings that are happening with a client. This is perhaps one of the most criticised, yet widely known form of psychic reading.


The impact that numbers have on our lives is something that people have studied for years. From dates, to the amount of time that certain letters appear in names or locations, many believe that the numbers line up the way that they do for a reason. This is a very popular form of psychic reading, both for psychics and for people interested in the culture.


Many people believe that the day, month, year, and even time in which you are born greatly impacts your life, as well as your relationship with others. The stars determine your destiny! While more magazines and newspapers cater to the pop culture version of this form of psychic reading, there are many people and psychics who spend a great deal of time researching the finite details of a person’s birth, and it’s relation to their life outcome.

Where to go for Additional Information

When looking online for additional information regarding overhead psychic readings, psychic readings in general, and information on tools that psychics use, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. Here are some great websites to use, when looking for some general information:
Psychics Universe
Pagans Path

or my own page about Divination!

In a lot of ways, overhead psychic readings are the most simplistic, they do not use any fancy tools, or things to impress you, they simply connect you with people who have already crossed over to the other side. You don’t have to see them in person, so it makes sense to get a free psychic chat.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pros and Cons of Getting a Psychic Reading at Psychic Fairs

Going to a psychic fair is something that a lot people do not know a whole lot about. It is very much something that you are either extremely interested in, and have made the effort to learn about, or you don’t know anything about it aside from generalizations made in the media and society overall. When you are considering going to a psychic fair it is important to go in knowing at least the basics, and to be aware of both the positives and negatives that can come of attending..

What is a Psychic?

A psychic is someone who is able to sense something that is unseen. For example psychics are able to sense the spirit of someone who has passed, or a shift in a person’s future.

Psychics perform readings through the historical act of divination. These readings can vary, while some tell of the future, some also make connections with spirits who have crossed over. How a psychic performs the reading is also said to impact what kind of reading it turns out to be, for example, if tarot cards are used, generally the reading focuses on the person’s past, present, and future; Whereas, if a psychic does not use any form of tool or communication device, often times the psychic is more open to receiving messages from spirits.

What is a Psychic Fair

For those unfamiliar with what a psychic fair is, it is a gathering of physics and physic community enthusiasts. Many of these “fairs” are held indoors, in community centres and halls, similar to the traditional expo format, where guests can walk from venders, booths, and psychics to learn more about both the psychic culture, and their lives.

How a psychic fair looks like – this is the rota psychic fair in California

Pro’s of Having a Psychic Reading Done at a Psychic Fair

If anyone is looking to connect with a someone who has passed, going to see a psychic can be a great option. Sometimes this provides the person in question with the closure that they have desperately needed. Sometimes just getting to say that goodbye can make a great impact on a person’s life.

Getting a reading done at a psychic fair can just be a great experience. Learning about the psychic culture, whether fully invested and interested, new to the environment and skeptical, it is an opportunity to learn about a new subject, and possibly about yourself.

Cons of Having a Psychic Reading Done at a Psychic Fair

  • A major con, and concern with having psychic readings done is if too much stalk is put into that reading. If a psychic gives a reading regarding someone’s future, and the reading does not provide the desired outcome,allowing that to take control of their life is a problem. Yes, a reading might have said one thing, but by following up with actions that support the suggested disappointing outcome will only secure it’s happening.
  • Like most Fairs, and Expos there is usually a cost of admission when going to a Psychic Fair. This changes depending on the Fair. In addition to this cost however, most individual readings that take place at these fairs, are an additional cost. These fees are set by the individual psychics.
  • It is important to remember that this is a way for people to make money. Not only will you have the opportunity to get many readings done, (for a cost) but there is no clear way to really know if someone is a true psychic until at least in the reading. They have no certifications to display to prove that they are able to really perform a reading.
  • Another con to having a psychic reading done at a psychic fair, is that with so many readings going on, and connections with the other side,sometimes readings can get mixed up. Similar to physics making connections to the other side on talk shows, they have to ask a group of people “Does anyone know someone who has passed who’s name begins with the letter ‘C’?” WIth so many people being around, it can be difficult to pinpoint who exactly the spirit is trying to make a connection with.

Getting a reading done at a Psychic Fair can be a lot of fun, however, it does have it’s drawbacks, and concerns. If you go into it with an attitude of “I’m going to learn something, I’m going to have fun, but I am not going to take every reading I get too seriously” you should be able to have a great time. Trying to be careful of both how many readings, (remember they can get expensive), and also who you give your money too, to get the best quality reading and experience will help to guarantee you a wonderful experience at your first Psychic Fair. But comfort is really important, so it might be a better idea to look into getting a reading online via phone, chat or email.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pros and Cons of Aura Readings

If you’ve been sitting on the fence (even just a little bit) about having a psychic aura reading performed, you probably started doing a little bit of digging into whether or not this kind of psychic reading even make sense for what you’re after.

Though some people out there recommend a more in-depth reading for those that have already toyed around with psychics in the past, the truth of the matter is newbies and “veterans” like can really benefit from a quick and almost effortless aura reading. The answers that you’ll be able to get out of one of these psychic readings can help to better inform almost every decision you make from here on out, and the insight that you’ll receive from a psychic that performs this kind of reading is invaluable.

But that isn’t to say that there aren’t some risks and negatives to having an aura reading as well. We’re going to touch on that in just a moment or two.

Before we get started, recognize that a psychic is an advisor – nothing more

picture of an auraOne of the most important things that you have to understand about ANY communication with real deal psychics is the value in appreciating the fact that they are advisors and advisers only.

Yes, psychics are going to be able to tap into resources that most of us simply don’t have the gift for the talent to, and yet they are going to be and provide us with amazing insight into our lives (past, present, and future), but they aren’t going to be able to dictate how our lives unfold or directly influence the decisions that we make, either.

By understanding that the psychic that gives you your aura reading is nothing more than an advisor, you’ll be in a prime position to take advantage of all the answers that they are able to give you without having to worry about any negative blowback or catastrophic nightmare situations occurring along the way.

With that being said, here are the pros and cons of having this kind of reading performed!

You’ll learn a lot more about yourself as far as patterns and life lessons are concerned

One of the best things about moving forward with an aura reading from a real deal psychic is that you’ll learn so much more about yourself as far as the “patterns” and life lessons that you continue to repeat that you’ll almost have a bunch of different “ah-ha!” style moments happen right in the middle of your reading.

You’ll be able to immediately recognize and uncover opportunities that you might have otherwise missed

Psychics that provide aura readings are able to “cut through the clutter” and provide you with an extra layer of insight and oversight about your life, where things are headed, and the opportunities that you may have been missing right in front of you.

We all have a tendency to focus on the smaller things in life (especially when they seem to be the most pressing), and it’s nice to have someone else that can zoom us out, so speak, and pick up on our energy and aura to help better direct us.

You’ll be able to look at your own life and your experiences in a new and exciting way

Our aura is essentially the culmination of everything that we are and everything that we’ve accomplished, and when it has been appropriately read by a psychic with real talent, we are able to get a bit of extra insight into our own lives and our own experiences that we would have otherwise went without.

This can be invaluable, especially when you’re getting ready to make major changes in your life, but aren’t quite sure of whether or not it’s the appropriate step.

You’ll be able to better understand your “mission” and your destiny

We all have been charged with our own individual “mission” and destiny, though uncovering exactly what that is can prove to be quite a challenge without a little bit of extra help.

Your psychic is going to be able to pick up on this information encoded into your aura, and will be able to better help you understand what it is you should be focusing your energies on.

Of course, aura readings aren’t all sunshine and roses

Though there are many advantages to moving forward with an aura reading, you’re also going to be dealing with a handful of drawbacks and downside as well.

One of the biggest problems that all psychics (all legitimate psychics, anyway) will readily admit to is that it can be a challenge to really interpret all of the messages and symbols that are being delivered. It isn’t at all uncommon for things to “get lost in the shuffle” or broken up in translation, and sometimes those errors can prove to be significant.

At the same time, your aura and your energy may be so heavily influenced and impacted by someone close to you that there’s always the risk of “leaching” and “bleeding” – when one aura starts to dominate another. This is really challenging to pick up on without experience, which is why it’s so advantageous and important for you to find a qualified and reputable psychic to help you out.

Also, for an aura reading, you have to be physically present. Other methods such as phone readings, or a psychic chat are more convinient.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have a variety of different opportunities to take advantage of these special reading services. Only you are going to know whether or not it’s the right call!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to spot an ethical psychic?

Though it is absolutely impossible to find a psychic that is 100% correct 100% of the time, there is a world of difference between “real deal” psychics that really have a gift and talent to connect with resources and communicate with those that most of us cannot and charlatan psychics that are little more than modern day snake oil peddlers looking to make a buck on the back of honest and hard-working people searching desperately for answers. If you want to be able to effortlessly pick real deal psychics out of the crowd and avoid charlatan psychics at all costs, you’re definitely going to want to focus in on all of the inside information that we are going to break down for you below. The process is going to be very unique to your specific situation, in large part because it is so valuable to continue to search until you find a psychic that really dovetails with you and what you’re looking for, but in general the tips and tricks we included below are definitely going to help you out.

Are you dealing with a psychic that enjoys a sterling silver reputation?

ethicOne of the easiest ways to spot real deal psychics when searching for one online is to pay close attention to all of the reviews and testimonials that they have associated with their online profile.Those that have accumulated hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of positive reviews can almost certainly be trusted more than those that have only garnered a handful of positive reviews – and especially more than those that have a lot of negative comments associated with their profile. The reputation that a psychic has earned is going to be the biggest differentiator between whether or not they can even be trusted for an initial trial reading.

Just how comfortable are you with your psychic?

The beautiful thing about legitimate psychics is that they do not have to resort to parlor tricks and “spectacles” to prove that they know exactly what they’re talking about and that they really have been blessed with a special gift.

Legitimate psychics understand that their gift is exactly that – a gift – and that it is of critical importance for them to share that gift with anyone and everyone interested in learning more. They do not have to resort to cheap tricks or “wizardry” to try and suck people into their web.
Instead, they use the information that they have access to, the resources that they have access to, and the individuals “on the other side” that they have access to when they need to effortlessly demonstrate that they are for real. Charlatans almost always try to create a spectacle out of their “abilities”, and most of the time this kind of showmanship is designed specifically to distract those that are searching for answers from the truth – that these kinds of psychics are anything but legitimate, and usually little more than entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck.

Has your psychic ever threatened you?

This is another major red flag that you are going to want to be on the lookout for, and it’s something that almost all phony psychics are going to try and pull off to really solidify and cement their influence over you. Legitimate psychics are NEVER going to give you any information whatsoever that is going to be communicated to you for the sole purpose of making you notice, scaring you, were outright frightening you. Yes, legitimate psychics may receive this inside information from the other side, but they are always (ALWAYS) going to communicate with you about this information in a way that helps you process it appropriately – and they’re never going to hold it over your head.

If you ever bump into a psychic that tells you that you have bad luck or some kind of curse surrounding you, run just as far as you can in the opposite direction. Not because you’re actually cursed, but because this is the oldest trick in the phony psychic book, and one designed to separate you from as much cold hard cash as possible until you realize just how ridiculous it all really is.

Are their stories “checking out”?

Just about every single psychic that you ever come across is going to only be able to provide you with a general idea of what they are talent and their gift is trying to communicate to you, and it’s always going to be up to you to take the information that they provided to interpret and understand it as it applies to your day to day life.

You are definitely going to want to make sure that the information and the stories that they are providing you “checkout”, and that they have some sort of relevancy in your life and aren’t just pulled wildly from thin air. This is probably the easiest way to determine whether or not psychics are on the up and up or just looking to hit your credit card as early and as often as they can.

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